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"You are asking me why do I want to die, but you don’t see that I’m not even living."

Title: Dum Dee Dum

Artist: Keys 'N Krates

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Keys ‘N Krates // Dum Dee Dum

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Ro, it’s me. Listen, I want you to do me a favor, I won’t ask you for anything else again, okay? Listen, I don’t want you to tell him about me, okay? Hello?

The Place Beyond the Pines (2012)
Film genre meme - (1/8) Drama

I honestly hate Brandon and Callie together so much. It is unbelievably selfish of Brandon to act on feelings he has towards Callie. What Callie needs is a family. She has her entire life to be in a relationship, but right now, she needs a family. I keep seeing people saying “a piece of paper won’t make her anymore family than she is now.” But that is a half-truth. Will the adoption make her any more loved by them than she is now? No. Will it give her a permanent, stable and constant household to grow in? Yes. If her bio. father signs the abandonment papers (again) and the Fosters adopt her then she cannot be removed from the household on a whim. At this point she can. Like she said before, she needs an anchor. Her anchor can be the Fosters, and for Brandon to interact with her in a way that would stop that is unbelievably selfish. It’s not true love.

I originally fell in love with the show because how groundbreaking it was. An interracial, lesbian couple raising kids of different races and backgrounds is something that TV needs more of. We need more variety than we have now. The Fosters delivered that. Callie’s story is so sad and heartbreaking because it seems like (as she has said before) the whole world is against her. But she found a family that loves her truly and sticks with her even when things get tough. She went through the normal things that teenagers did (romance, school, bullying, etc.) but the focus wasn’t completely put on romantic relationships. And it seems now that it is going that way. Everything has to lead back to ships and it’s turning into a show that it was originally not. Hopefully the writers will re-focus the show on Callie and her growth.


when ur trying to tell someone something but they keep cutting u off